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Zumi’s at your Event, Meeting, or Function

Let Zumi’s Espresso serve coffee, pastries, and more at your next rehearsal, reunion, graduation, dinner party, or other special event. We can prepare coffee for up to 500 people and we’re happy to offer recommendations for necessary quantities based on our prior experience. In order to prepare any sizeable quantity of pastries, we do ask for a minimum of 3 days’ notice.

We offer our fresh, organic, fair trade coffee in quantities for anything from a small meeting or family gathering to a large corporate or community event of 500. In addition, we can provide iced and hot tea, cider, juice, and bottled water, as well as food items like pastries, bagels, and biscotti.


To determine how much coffee is needed for your event, follow these guidelines:

For morning events, estimate approximately 75% of your attendees will drink one cup of coffee (decaf – about a quarter that amount).
For evening events, estimate approximately 50% of your attendees will drink one cup of coffee (equal amounts of regular and decaf are usually appropriate).

Size Servings Price
15 cups (3 liters) 15-20 $15
30 cups (1 gallon) 30-50 $30
50 cups (2.5 gallons) 50-70 $45
100 cups (5 gallons) 100-150 $90

Prices include:

Cups to match number of attendees plus ~20% (e.g. 50 people = 60 cups)
One quart of Half & Half for all orders, 2 quarts for orders over 2 gallons. (Additional milk, soy, half & half are $3 per quart)
Sugar, Equal, Splenda, & Sweet ’n'Low
Stir sticks
Orange juice, bottled water, and hot teas, by the bag or airpot, are available upon request. We recommend that you set out napkins and keep a waste bin nearby the coffee prep area.


3-days’ notice required
We welcome quantity pastry orders, with a minimum of three days’ notice to order them from our pastry supplier. A discount applies for advance orders over 10 items.


Pick up is available between 6:30am and 6pm. Same-day orders will include a 20% ($5 min) charge and may not be available due to business and staffing conditions. Likewise, delivery may not be available at all times and may include a $10 delivery charge.

Containers, unopened bottled drinks and tea bags must be returned by the end of the next day (we are open 363 days a year). There will be up to a $100 charge per damaged or unreturned airpot. A deposit may be requested.